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Donna Full Body StretchMonthly Fluid Movement Tune-Ups

Bringing together 3-dimensional patterns and movement fundamentals with ball rolling routines to 

Release, Align and Connect Your Body. 

Sundays:  11:30am – 1pm

March 8th, April 5th, May 3rd


Expand Your 3-D Motion


DNA molecule spiral structure with unique connection on abstract dark background. Genetics GMO and biotechnology concept. 3D illustration
DNA helix = how we are made
Have you ever initiated a movement with your pinky that sequences through your whole body in a spirilic pathway down to your big toe? You can experience this full body spiral experience in my Fluid Movement classes. It’s a way to break out of our habitual 2-dimensional patterns into a more fluid and transformative way of being! 




Traditional Aikido Sarasota

279 Industrial Court Sarasota, FL 34240


$20/class  (free for dojo members) class size limited

pre-registration required – (sign up on link below)


more info: (202) 363-9156,




These sessions are a perfect foundation to your workout, aikido practice, golf game, dancing and being more connected and resilient in your life.






You’re going to be in your body your whole life – so embrace it, connect to how it works and treat it with care . . .