The Importance and Essense of Water

Did you know we are made up mostly of water?

Fertilized egg = 96% water
Infant = 80% water
Adult = 70% water
Elderly = 60% water

Water is our “ground substance”, permeating and surrounding the entire inner landscape of our bodies. So essentially we are a bag of water bounded by skin.

It’s important not only to drink a sufficient amount of water each day, but to connect with the quality of water as well. What happens if we can shift into a more fluid state? like an infant or an embryo or octopus? How might that affect the grip in your shoulders or the tension in your jaw? How will that change the condensing and solidifying process that so often accompanies aging?

I invite you to tune into the fluid movement in your body – take breaks in your day to undulate, gently twist or spiral your spine and limbs. Spend a minute more in the morning in bed yawning and stretching your whole body in non-linear ways. As you wait for the bus or metro or stand on the check-out line let your knees soften and create small figure eights with your hips. Go out dancing or turn on music and let your watery essence ripple, shimmy, rock and roll. Feel the wave-like connection between all of your parts. Before going to sleep tune into the ebb and flow of your body settling down – imagine the calm serenity of still water.

Get out into nature and listen, watch and resonate with the flow of water. Spend more time with the babies in your life – noticing and appreciate their fluid bodies/beings. Schedule regular bodywork sessions to keep your muscle tissues hydrated and a sense of integrated wholeness between inner and outer form. Try a craniosacral therapy session to connect with and balance the fluid-tide dynamics within your body. Check out Continuum, NIA, Fluid Movement and other non-linear movement activities and explorations.

Let your fluid body flow…