Donna Waks


  • Regular bodywork can relieve stress and everyday aches and pains.
  • Everyone can develop better body connections, more mobility and ease throughout life.
  • Athletes and dancers can replenish and refine their body and skills.
  • Those recovering from surgery or facing cancer, hypertension, or acute/chronic illness can enhance their healing process.
  • Pre- and post-natal bodywork can ease the strains of pregnancy and balance out mothering activities.


Swedish, deep tissue and myofascial release techniques that help relieve stress, chronic back pain, tight joints and muscles, repetitive stress injuries, headaches, and TMJ syndrome and promote balance and relaxation. Full-body sessions or on-site seated massage available.

Fluid Movement

From tuning into breath awareness to movement fundamentals to spirals and other 3-dimensional patterns – the goal is to fully connect and coordinate limbs with trunk for healthy joints, ease of movement and more resilience in your life.

Tune-in and Tune-up your whole body!

This work is a perfect foundation to your workout, golf game, dancing and being more resilient in your life. Participants find it:  relaxing – “like getting a massage”; meditative – “like Tai Chi lying down”; stimulating – “a sense of full body connection”; transforming – “like pushing the reset button on my computer, only for my body”.

Exercises to enliven and align the body, Fluid Movement introduces new ways to sequence movements to get “under the radar” of habitually held patterns and long-held blocked areas.   Sessions progress from lying to sitting to standing – building from simple to more complex patterns.

Personalized Movement Program

Develop healthier and more fluid ways of using your body with a movement program specifically tailored to your needs. I will observe your body in stillness and in motion and write up a sequence of exercises with diagrams and cues that you can do on your own. Follow-up sessions can be conducted as needed.

Benefits include:

  • Alleviating pain and stiffness
  • Preparing the body for workouts
  • Relaxing and unwinding at the end of the day
  • Finding calmness through movement

This can be a perfect foundation for your yoga or meditation practice, golf game, biking, dancing, and other daily activities. Personalized movement programs can be done at your convenience at home, work or when traveling.

Craniosacral Therapy

A very gentle, light-touch approach that releases tension in the central nervous system so that every other system in the body can relax and self-correct. This “whole-body” therapy works with the subtle internal rhythms, supporting balance and healing and is beneficial for any condition as well as uncovering resilience and inner vitality.  For more information go to