Craniosacral Therapy and Tango: a shared relational field and container for positive creativity

photo by Isaac Oboka

One of my passions is Argentine Tango – for me it’s yet another way to connect in a “conversation” that is open to the forces of creation. I am quoted in an article Tango: A Deeper Look ©  by Sharna Fabiano

(first published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring, May 2010, Volume 10, No 2.)

Here is an excerpt from the article, including my quote. What is the ’embrace?’ What does the container hold?

. . .  A successful tango connection, regardless of style or musical interpretation, is one in which information flows back and forth, replacing the perception of two with the awareness of one. Dancers speak of shared balance and even a shared mind. The figurative ‘four legs and one body’ is a favorite way to describe the tango couple. It is in this experience of connection with the other where we discover the transformational side of tango as a practice, as more than simply a leisure activity. In my conversations about tango with a variety of healing practitioners, I encountered many direct parallels. For instance, Donna Waks, a Craniosacral Therapist in Washington, DC, observes:

“Surrendering to the tango embrace allows the space between two separate entities to support a dynamic and creative relationship. Similarly, in the subtle work of craniosacral therapy, paying attention to the ‘relational field’ establishes safety and trust, and allows for an open flow of communication… As in a tango partnership, the practitioner/client dyad is no longer aware of separateness between forms, but only of the more pervasive field of potential and creative forces.”   to read full article