Client Feedback


“Since working with Donna, my ten-year-old whiplash injury responded to a combination of craniosacral therapy, massage, and yamuna body rolling – allowing me to reach the pain-free daily existence I had long thought was beyond me. When pregnancy brought its challenging aches and pains, magnified by lifting and chasing after a toddler, our regular sessions helped to relieve my pain, stress, and general discomfort. I look forward to each session and have the confidence that together, we can tackle any problem my body can dish out.”  Robin Orseck 2010

Donna’s Fluid Movement classes have helped me get back in touch with my body! The focus on three-dimensional, spiraling movements shows how everything is connected. I love the meditative quality of the class combined with the physical movement. After every class I feel freer and more energized. My posture is better and my walk is – well, more fluid!  Cindy Martens 2008

“With as stressful a career as I’ve chosen for myself – one that is rife with hypertension and any other maladies that one might associate with a high pressure environment – my cranial sessions with Donna have done more to contribute to my longevity, stamina, and general mental and emotional well-being than just about any other thing in my life.”  Derek Wilkinson 2008

“I’ve been getting massage and craniosacral therapy from Donna for more than 10 years. It’s one of the joys of my life! Having had both my hips replaced and ongoing issues in my joints, sometimes I feel like a bunch of rusty, achy parts. From the minute I lie down on her table, until the hour is over (all too soon), I relax completely. The sessions touch on all my pain and makes me feel better. All of my pain is eased . . . The sensation is so strong, that even when I’m not there, I can visualize how good it feels.”  Millicent Neusner 2007

“Having been an avid jogger for the past 20 years, I pulled my hamstring and my physical therapist strongly encouraged frequent stretching and to consider alternative exercise to prevent future injury.  Donna’s Fluid Movement classes fit the bill, with her clear explanations about how muscles interact with one another. She encourages “listening” to your body in a way that mixes both mind and body work. When I leave her class, not only does my body feel more relaxed, but I feel more centered.”  Jason Levin 2010

“I started working with Donna after being diagnosed with Graves Disease, feeling exhausted and stressed as a result. Shortly after starting on anti-thyroid medication, we began craniosacral therapy sessions. I loved our sessions! They brought me a deep sense of calm and well-being. I felt transported to a different level of consciousness – not awake, but not really asleep either. The sessions provided a space to rest on a very deep level and I think that really augmented my ability to respond to the anti-thyroid medication, bringing my thyroid back to normal after only 9 months.” Katie McGervey 2008

“I found Donna via internet looking for a craniosacral therapist in Washington DC after I moved from Germany. Donna is a modern healer in its best sense. She helps you to get in touch with your own inner healer rather than trying to push something on you. This makes the sessions more a journey of two individuals in an interesting landscape than a therapy session where one is the all knowing active part and the other the passive receiver. Likewise, her Fluid Movement Class is like dancing on the floor and both, very relaxing and strengthening in a special kind of way. It helps you to get grounded after a long working day on the desk and refreshes you at the start of the weekend.”  Ralf Schlapper 2011

“After each Fluid Movement session I feel relaxed, more spacious and peaceful. Donna creates an environment of non-judgmental awareness and exploration. I now have a personalized home routine she developed for me which at the end of a workday relaxes my tight “computer” shoulders and helps me fall asleep.” Liz Kulick 2010

“My massage sessions with Donna are an important part of my physical and spiritual practice. They help to calm and center me, increasing my sense of well being.” David Gray 2010

“I put my body through a lot. I am a fitness instructor, personal Trainer and bodybuilder. I have chronic and new issues all the time. Donna helps with all of them. As a result of our work together, I have been able to heal from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, tendonitis in my ankle, a strained back muscle, and on several occasions get a soothing or deep tissue massage because my body felt great and I wanted a treat.”  Suzannah Weiss 2008

“Someone was guiding me to Donna, without a doubt. I fell off my bike while traveling in Holland. My elbow was broken and my hip caused me even more pain. When I returned home 4 weeks later, still with difficulty walking, I was guided to Donna’s healing hands. The work has made a big difference in my body. After the first craniosacral therapy session my hip felt much better — went in with a cane and came out without needing it’s assistance! Donna would be the first person I would recommend to anyone wanting to heal their body.”  Linda Owens 2011

“I began working with Donna shortly after a major car accident in which I sustained traumatic head injuries that required me to be evacuated from the scene of the accident via helicopter. Donna provided me with excellent support through her vast knowledge of a variety of bodywork techniques.  As a result of the five months I spent working with Donna I completely recovered from my injuries, have learned a great deal on how to use my body more confidently, am stronger than I have ever been in my life and am experiencing greater overall emotional well being. I could not recommend her more highly.”  Steven Lubka 2014