Body Sense Magazine Autumn 2016

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In this issue, author Cindy Williams lets us know how we can provide tremendous care for our elders through bodywork, author Karrie Osborn shows us that there’s a miracle beneath our skin known as fascia, and author Gregory Gorey explains cupping’s past and current popularity.

Body Sense Magazine Summer 2016

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In this issue, author Cindy Williams lets us know what research says about the benefits of massage, author Amy Andrews McMaster shows how paying attention can reduce stress through embodied awareness, and author Karin Ogren demonstrates how energy medicine is a powerful ally for health and well-being.

The science behind how good a massage is for you . . . . Wall Street Journal article

Check out this article on the tangible health benefits of massage – including decreased cortisol levels, inflammation, allergic reactions and increased immune functioning. Studies from National Institute of Health are confirming what so many of us have known in our bodies for years.

Craniosacral Therapy and Tango: a shared relational field and container for positive creativity

One of my passions is Argentine Tango – for me it’s yet another way to connect in a “conversation” that is open to the forces of creation. I am quoted in an article Tango: A Deeper Look ©  by Sharna Fabiano (first published in the International Journal of Healing and Caring, May 2010, Volume 10, […]

Body Sense Magazine

Dear clients, I want to thank you for your business by sharing this complimentary issue of Body Sense magazine. Body Sense provides valuable information about how to make massage and bodywork a healthy part of your lifestyle. Inside, you’ll find helpful articles on the benefits of frequent massage and 15 ways to better communicate with […]


We’ve all heard the term “mind-body connection.” But what does this mean at an experiential level? If you are fortunate enough to have experienced this “felt-sense connection,” are you able to draw upon it in your daily life? Most of us are too busy to stay “connected.” One downside of today’s fast-paced culture is the […]

The Importance and Essense of Water

Did you know we are made up mostly of water? Fertilized egg = 96% water Infant = 80% water Adult = 70% water Elderly = 60% water Water is our “ground substance”, permeating and surrounding the entire inner landscape of our bodies. So essentially we are a bag of water bounded by skin. It’s important […]

Undoing the Stresses and Strains of Baby Care

The best remedy for your aching shoulders, arms, and back is to hold your body or move in ways that counter the constant reaching forward, bending over, picking up and carrying positions in your daily life – to literally change the “shape” or spatial form your body has assumed. This is like rolling a mat […]

Movement and the Mind

Did you know that movement not only keeps our bodies in shape but also keeps our minds growing as well? Many people are aware of the role of movement in activating the capacity to learn, to create, to manage stress and health and slow down the aging process. And some of us in the field […]